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Sweet Lotus Beauty Daily Sleek Beard Comb
Sweet Lotus Beauty Daily Sleek Beard Comb
Sweet Lotus Beauty Daily Sleek Beard Comb
Sweet Lotus Beauty LLC

Sweet Lotus Beauty Daily Sleek Beard Comb

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Natural Pear Wood Beard Combs:

The Natural Pear Wood Beard are gentle on the hair, nourishes the hair naturally by spreading the oils from root to tip. Boost blood circulation, promotes hair growth, detangles hair & works well with all hair types.

The wooden combs wide teeth are better on the hair. The polished combs glide easily and does not snag, which can cause breakage. It also helps to prevent static. The comb stimulates hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. These wooden combs are durable and made to last a life time. These are strong durable small compact brushes that fit great in the palm of the hand. The hand-held brushes has easy and functional handles. These brushes are made for all hair types.

The microscopic scales from the boar bristles spread natural oils from root to tip. The brushes are great for exfoliation, removing dirt, dead skin, grim, impurities and stimulating blood circulation. These brushes untangle beard hair, reduces the appearance of knots, while promoting lustrous and smoothness. This is a high quality performance brush that offers less dryness, itchiness, split ends and frizz.  

Directions: This is treated wood and cannot be left submerge in water for long periods.

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